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Single & 3 phase multi-process MIG welding machines from Lincoln Electric and Mitech. Machines available from 160Amp – 600Amp. Gas or gasless MIG, MMA stick and Scratch or Lift TIG capabilities. Multi process machines are suitable for car panel repair, general fabrication, workshop fabrication, onsite maintenance and repair, or structural steel welding.

  • Helvi TP220XL Pulse MIG

    Helvi TP220XL Pulse MIG

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  • Mitech NB200 MIG Welder

    Mitech NB200 MIG Welder

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  • Mitech NB250 MIG Welder

    Mitech NB250 MIG Welder

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  • Mitech NB350 MIG Welder

    Mitech NB350 MIG Welder

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  • Mitech NB500 MIG Welder

    Mitech NB500 MIG Welder

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  • Lincoln Speedtec 200C

    Lincoln Speedtec 200C

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  • Lincoln Speedtec 215C

    Lincoln Speedtec 215C

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  • Lincoln Flextec 350X

    Lincoln Flextec 350X

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  • Lincoln Flextec 500X

    Lincoln Flextec 500X

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  • Lincoln Flextec 650X

    Lincoln Flextec 650X

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  • Lincoln Idealarc DC-400

    Lincoln Idealarc DC-400

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  • Lincoln Idealarc DC-600

    Lincoln Idealarc DC-600

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