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Mitech NB350 MIG Welder


Mitech’s NB350 Remote Wire Feeder MIG with MMA capabilities is the latest in IGBT inverter technology. This industrial machine is equipped with a 4 roll gear driven remote wire feeder with 5Mtr interconnecting cables. Integrated Bottle trolley provides ease of use for loading and unloading onsite. The NB350 allows you to weld Solid wires, Flux-cored Gas & Gasless wires up to 1.6mm. Adjustment of voltage & wire feed at the wire feeder make for easy setting of welding parameters and give convenience of remote adjustment from the power source.

Adjustable Pre Flow and Post Flow gas settings, Spot welding function, Arc inductance offers finer adjustment of the arc characteristics while the burn back setting leaves the wire stick out ready for the next weld. Wire inching and gas check provides setup of wire feed and gas setting without wastage of wire or gas. MMA welding capabilities 40-350Amps including an arc force adjustment for a more refined stable arc. The Mitech NB350 Is suited to heavy engineering, structural steel welding, general engineering, repairs and maintenance or rural applications.

Key Features

  • 350 Amp IGBT Inverter 3 Phase MIG Welder
  • High Duty Cycle 60% @350A, 100% @271A
  • Remote Wire Feeder (4 Roll Drive)
  • Integrated Trolley
  • Pre Flow Gas 0-20sec
  • Post Flow Gas 0-20sec
  • Burn Back Time
  • Spot Welding Time
  • Slow Wire Feeding Speed
  • MIG/MAG Gas or Gasless & MMA
  • 5-15Kg Spools
  • Euro Torch Connection

2 Year Warranty* With Product Registration

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