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Welding Equipment Repairs & Servicing 

NZ Welder Supplies can offer complete welding equipment repair and servicing on all major welding brands. We have registered and practising electricians, whom have been in the welding equipment repair industry for over 20+ years. Our work consists of servicing all types of welding equipment from Heavy Industrial welding plant, through to home DIY equipment. We specialise in repair of most brands of welders, from small inverters through to large welder generators.

We are also factory trained and authorised repairer’s of most major welding brands including;
• Lincoln Electric
• Kemppi
• Mitech
• Helvi
• Xcel Arc
• Strata
• And many others

Not only do we repair machines but we can service and maintain many types of welding equipment including, repairs of MIG & TIG torches, Custom building TIG torches, Custom Building earth or arc leads and extensions cables to any length, Euro torch conversions on older machines etc.

Range of services we can offer:

Lincoln Equipment

Authorised Repairer & Distributor for Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment

Kemppi Equipment

Authorised Repairer & Distributor for Kemppi Welding Equipment

Mitech Equipment

NZ Authorised Repairer & Distributor for Mitech Welding Equipment

Xcel Arc Equipment

Authorised Repairer & Distributor for Xcel Arc Welding Equipment

Helvi Equipment

Authorised Distributor & Repairer of Helvi Welding Equipment.

Strata Equipment

Authorised Repairer of Strata Welding Equipment.

Speedglas Helmets

Authorised Distributor of Speedglas Welding helmets and parts

Harris Equipment

Authorised Distributor of Harris Gas Equipment

Torch Repairs

Welding torch repairs including MIG & TIG Torches*

Custom TIG

Custom build TIG torches Air cooled or water cooled to your specifications


Complete MIG / TIG torch Assemblies

Welder Hire

We have a large range of welding equipment for hire. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Call Us Today 

If you are interested in our services give us a call 03 341 5591 or come into our new showroom at 270 Annex Road Christchurch to see how we can assist you.