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MITECH WELDING EQUIPMENT LTD is a foreign capital enterprise which specializes in the production of inverter cutting and welding equipment. It’s not only the R & D base of the HONGKONG MITECH WELDING COMPANY Limited which possesses the world famous brand MITECH, but we are also one of the oldest cutting and welding equipment manufacturers in China. Our Company prides itself on the research and development of inverter welding equipment, large scale production facilities, with automatic production lines and complete in house testing provides a perfect quality control system. Our range of equipment consists of Inverter Mosfet based units and Inverter IGBT models. Many products available some small in size and weight, very high efficiency and duty cycles and larger machines for commercial environments. Mitech has enjoyed a great reputation in Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, we look forward to the future in bringing you the best quality products at an affordable price.

  • Mitech NB200 MIG Welder

    Mitech NB200 MIG Welder

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  • Mitech NB350 MIG Welder

    Mitech NB350 MIG Welder

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  • Mitech NBM280 Pulse MIG Welder

    Mitech NBM280 Pulse MIG Welder

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  • Mitech MMA180 Arc Welder

    Mitech MMA180 Arc Welder

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  • Mitech CUT100 Plasma

    Mitech CUT100 Plasma

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  • Mitech TIG200 DC TIG

    Mitech TIG200 DC TIG

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  • Mitech CUT40 Plasma

    Mitech CUT40 Plasma

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  • Mitech DigitalTIG ACDC 315P

    Mitech DigitalTIG ACDC 315P

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