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Mitech CUT40 Plasma


Mitech’s CUT40 is a robust IGBT inverter based Plasma Cutter that’s high tech, low cost and portable weighing only 7.6kgs. Sick of rental costs on Oxygen and Acetylene bottles or have some old bottles that can’t be filled. Plasma cutting technology is a rapidly growing alternative, it operates solely on electricity and compressed air so there’s no need to purchase bottled gas. Advantages include cut speed, cut quality and low running costs, cutting speed can be up to 12 times faster than oxyfuel!

The Mitech CUT40 offers effortless cutting through all materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron Aluminium, Copper etc. High frequency contact start makes for ease of use for all operators allowing you to touch the torch tip on the desired material initiating the arc allowing you to drag the tip across your workpeice. The CUT40 is a professional machine suitable for various applications including General Engineering, Panel Repair Workshops, Sheet Metal & Light Industrial uses or projects at home.

Key Features

  • Latest Inverter Technology
  • HF Touch Start
  • Output Current 10-40A
  • Set Post flow 2s
  • Cut Capacity 10-12mm
  • Over Current Protection
  • Thermal Overload
  • 60% Duty Cycle
  • Only 7.6KG
  • Lightweight & Portable

2 Year Warranty* With Product Registration

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