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Low hydrogen electrodes from Weldwell & Lincoln Electric offer fast-fill (high-deposition) or fill-freeze (out-of-position) characteristics and are designed to produce sound welds of X-ray quality with excellent notch/impact properties and high ductility. Incidentally they are the most widely used class of welding consumables for such applications as power generation, general fabrication, shipbuilding, hard-to-weld, out-of-position and pipeline (ASME vertical up) welding.

  • Weldwell PH118

    Weldwell PH118

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  • Weldwell PH77

    Weldwell PH77

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  • Weldwell PH56S

    Weldwell PH56S

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  • Weldwell PH16TC

    Weldwell PH16TC

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  • EASYARC 7018-1

    EASYARC 7018-1

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