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Weldwell PH77


The Weldwell PH77 is a smooth running basic type iron powder hydrogen controlled electrode used for all positional welding except vertical down. This electrode is used where the highest standards are required. Weld features include high ductility, x-ray quality and sub zero temperature impact to -50°C.

Suitable for welding steel, low alloy, medium tensile steels.

Smooth running all positional (except vertical down) hydrogen controlled.

Used for maintenance and general repair work.


  • Turbines
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heavy Girders
  • Earth Moving Plants

Ordering Information

Electrode Size (mm) Packet Size (kg) Approx No. of Rods per kg Part Number
Packet Carton
2.5 2.2 5 107 WEWPH7725
3.2 5.0 3 126 WEWPH7732
4.0 5.0 3 87 WEWPH7740

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