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NZ Welder Supplies stock a large range of TIG torches from Europe available in 4mtrs, 8mtrs & 16mtrs. Our range includes torches from Kemppi, Lincoln Electric, and Trafimet. Hi-Flex torches and cables available.

  • Trafimet TPRO WP18

    Trafimet TPRO WP18

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  • Trafimet TPRO SR26

    Trafimet TPRO SR26

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  • Trafimet TPRO SR17

    Trafimet TPRO SR17

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  • Kemppi TTC220

    Kemppi TTC220

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  • Trafimet Top WP20

    Trafimet Top WP20

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  • Trafimet Top WP18

    Trafimet Top WP18

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  • Trafimet Ergoplus SR26

    Trafimet Ergoplus SR26

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  • Trafimet Ergoplus SR17

    Trafimet Ergoplus SR17

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