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Pulse MIG welding machines from Kemppi, Lincoln Electric & Helvi. Machines available with built in feeders or remote wire feeders from 200Amp – 520Amp. Suited to general fabrication, boat building, stainless steel fabrication and or aluminium fabrication.

  • Helvi TP220XL

    Helvi TP220XL

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  • Mitech NBM280 Pulse MIG Welder

    Mitech NBM280 Pulse MIG Welder

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  • Kemppi Kempact Pulse

    Kemppi Kempact Pulse

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  • Kemppi Fastmig X Pulse

    Kemppi Fastmig X Pulse

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  • Lincoln Speedtec 405SP

    Lincoln Speedtec 405SP

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  • Lincoln Powerwave C300-S350

    Lincoln Powerwave C300-S350

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