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Kemppi X8 MIG


Take the next step of connectivity

The time has come to unleash the enormous potential of IoT, the power of connectivity. With new technology, Kemppi will redefine performance, usability and welding management in demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding – it’s time for X8 MIG Welder.

Redefine Performance

  • Best arc characteristics for high speed and aluminum (WiseFusion), narrow gab (RGT), root pass (WiseRoot+),
    thin sheet (WiseThin+) and low spatter welding in globular transfer mode (WiseSteel)
  • Precisely controlled, upgrade-able welding current up to 600 A
  • Advanced MIG brazing, cladding and heavy-duty gouging performance

Redefine Usability

  • Fast and easy to change system and welding settings, to adjust and to control welding values,
    and view WPS content
  • Well-balanced welding guns with ergonomic handle design
  • Wire feeder with ultimate user-friendliness

Redefine Welding Management

  • Smart Digital WPS feature, which renders printed WPSs unnecessary
  • Automatic setting of welding parameters based on the WPS
  • Native connectivity to WeldEye welding management software modules Welding Procedure and Quality cation Management, Welding Quality Management, and Welding Production Analysis



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