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3 phase TIG welding machines from Kemppi, Lincoln Electric and Mitech. Machines available in DC, or ACDC from 300Amp – 420Amp. Air-cooled or water-cooled options available. Commonly used for automotive fabrication, heavy industrial aluminium and stainless steel fabrication.

  • Mitech DigitalTIG ACDC 315P

    Mitech DigitalTIG ACDC 315P

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  • Kemppi MasterTig 335 ACDC

    Kemppi MasterTig 335 ACDC

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  • Kemppi MasterTig 3500W

    Kemppi MasterTig 3500W

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  • Lincoln Aspect 300 ACDC

    Lincoln Aspect 300 ACDC

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  • Lincoln Precision TIG 275-375

    Lincoln Precision TIG 275-375

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