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Mitech DigitalTIG 350 ACDC


Mitech’s DigitalTIG 350 is a robust, Micro-Processor inverter TIG welding machine with built-in MMA welding capability. With many variable functions, The Mitech DigitalTIG 350 allows complete control of your welding parameters on Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nickel alloys and Aluminium.

Packed full of features the Digital TIG 350 AC/DC shows no surprises why it’s the top of its class. Microprocessor inverter power source with new features such as adjustable AC Wave form, save able programmes, AC Frequency adjustment and adjustable Arc Force. With Mitech’s new digital display it is easily adjusted on all parameters. Built with an integrated water-cooler and bottle trolley, this machine is perfect for any workshop environment. Over and under voltage protection as well as phase loss protection. Adjustments include Pre gas, Hot start, Up slope, Base current, Pulse current, Pulse frequency, AC Balance, AC Frequency, Down slope, Post gas.

Key Features

  • Latest Microproccesor Inverter Technology
  • HF TIG/MMA Functions
  • Pre Gas 0-10s
  • Hot Start 10-350A
  • Arc Starting Current 5-350A
  • Up Slope 0-10s
  • Base Current 5-350A
  • Pulse Current 5-350A
  • MMA Current 20-220A
  • Pulse Width 10-90%
  • Pulse Frequency 1-70Hz
  • AC Balance Width 10-90%
  • AC Balance Depth -50 – +50%
  • AC Frequency 20-200Hz
  • Post Gas 0-10s
  • Down Slope 0-10s
  • Trigger Function 2T/4T
  • Remote Amperage Foot Pedal

2 Year Warranty* With Product Registration

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