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Lincoln Idealarc DC-600


Industrial DC Multi-Process Welders

Rugged construction, simple controls and a 100% duty cycle output rating make these machines a sound investment for heavy duty shop applications. Add the outstanding traditional SCR rectifier arc action delivering high quality, attractive welds and your operators will agree – it’s hard to go wrong with an Idealarc® DC-600.

The Idealarc® DC-600 by Lincoln Electric® is universally considered to have the best welding arc characteristics in the market. Tried and true, it remains one of our premium multi-process welders. With a SCR controlled DC power source this machine provides both constant voltage and constant current output. It operates in three modes: CV Wire/Innershield®, CV Submerged Arc and CC Stick/TIG and is a great choice for arc gouging. Flexibility doesn’t mean complicated – the DC-600 is easy to set-up and use. Changeover between processes is as simple as turning a switch with the factory or field-fitted multi-process switch.

Key Features

  • Full range output voltage control for easy operation and precise control.
  • Standard analog ammeter and voltmeter.
  • Mode switch for selecting desired output characteristics.
  • Flat-top case with a small footprint can be placed under a workbench or stacked up to 3 high on top of each other.
  • Windings and rectifiers are protected against moisture and corrosive environments.
  • Seven-year warranty on power rectifier.
  • 3 Year Warranty

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