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Kemppi TX225G TIG Torch


Kemppi TX225 G 220Amp Torch

• Flexlite TX welding torches increase user comfort and lower welder fatigue.
• They allow welder to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld.
• Silicone rubber material gives a firm grip, and the innovative design reduces wrist loading.
• Available in alternative power classes and lengths, including different neck versions: fixed, flexible and S-shaped rotating neck.

User comfort and usability

Materials selection elevates usability Silicone rubber handles are shaped to the hand. They consider both right and left-handed welders and alternative holding positions.
Combined with cables set flexibility and leather sheathing protection, Flexlite TX materials selection elevates usability to maximize welding comfort and practical durability.

Torch Suits Kemppi

  • Minarc TIG Evo
  • Mastertig MLS
  • Mastertig MLS ACDC
  • MasterTig 235 or 335 ACDC
  • MasterTig 225 or 325 DC


  • 220A DC @ 40% Duty Cycle
  • 160A AC @ 40% Duty Cycle
  • HF On/Off Switch
  • Super Flexible Power Cable
  • Kemppi Machine Connection
  • Durable Rubber TIG Sock
  • Gas Cooled or Water-cooled
  • Available with Kemppi Swivel neck or Standard neck
  • Suits Tungsten’s 0.5mm-4.0mm
  • Available in 4m, 8m, 16m Lengths

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