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Lincoln Tomahawk 1025-1538


High Performance Plasma Cutting

The Tomahawk 1025 and 1538 Plasma cutting machines are built to handle harsh environmental conditions using Lincoln tunnel technology to separate the PCB’s and sensitive parts from the contaminating cooling airflow. The improved mains voltage tolerances and robust metal case with large protective rubber corners also make these machines suitable for operation on site with a generator or within a workshop environment.

The new Lincoln Plasma torches are designed to a focus on three elements. Starting: using an innovative striking system without HF to save and extend the lifetime of the electrodes. Performance: using a circular air-stream at very high speed, coupled with a special electrode and nozzle design which concentrates the plasma stream. The extremely concentrated plasma stream increases the travel speed and cutting performance to best in class. Lifetime: the enhanced air-stream cools the electrode and nozzle that extends the lifetime. The TH1025 and TH1538 comes with three plasma modes contact ignition, standoff cutting or gouging.

Key Features

  • Starting – Innovative advanced arc starting without HF
  • Performance – Innovative advanced electrode and nozzle design delivering a high performance cut
  • Lifetime – Innovative advanced design increases lifetime of consumables
  • Faster – Higher travel speeds and plate thickness
  • Flexible – Multiple torch configurations
  • Complete – Moisture separator and pressure reducer included
  • Different materials – Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and many more
  • Concentrated Plasma Stream – Less Heat input, less distortion
  • 3 Year Warranty

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