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Lincoln Outback 185


Great for anyone who needs portable DC stick welding and AC generator power! The Low-Lift™ grab bars on both ends make lifting the Outback® 185 on and off truck beds easy. The compact Outback® 185 is easy to start with all engine controls on the front of the machine, and it’s easy to use for welding. Use the AC generator power for a variety of applications described below with the large 25.7 litre fuel tank! Plug in a Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 180C for wire welding too.

Key Features

  • Low-Lift™ Grab Bars (Patent Pending) – More leverage for lifting unit on and off truck beds. Extra protection against product damage.
  • All Engine Controls on Front Control panel – Easy access for starting, especially when mounted on truck beds. Front panel includes electric start switch and engine choke control.
  • 32 mm Diameter Rugged Tube Frame – Great for all-around sturdy protection.
  • 25.7 Litre Fuel Tank – Less frequent re-fuelling, for extended run times. Large fuel fill opening for easy re-fuelling too!
  • Weld with up to 4 mm Stick Electrode – Up to 185 amps of DC output for many applications.
  • 5,700 Watts Peak AC Generator Power (5,200 Watts Continuous). – Many uses! Grinder, work lights, pump, motor starting, or emergency power. Plug in a Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 180C for wire welding. Plug in a Lincoln Electric Invertec® PC-210 Air to cut metal.

3 Year Warranty

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