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Lincoln Ranger 305D


The Ranger 305D is a powerful 300-amp DC multi-process diesel engine driven welder designed especially for contractors, maintenance and repair and all other field based welding professionals who demand the best welding arc from an engine driven welder.

What makes the Ranger 305 D unique to other engine driven welders is that this machine has been designed using Lincoln’s Chopper Technology™ giving you excellent arc characteristics whether you are in stick (conventional or pipe), TIG, MIG or arc gouging modes of operation.

Rugged and dependable, the Ranger 305D is built within a totally enclosed case, which provides maximum protection to its 45-litre fuel tank top-of-the-line water-cooled Kubota 18.8 HP D722 diesel engine.

This portable powerhouse delivers 7200 continuous watts of 240V AC generator power, enough power to run lights, tools, pumps and weld all at the same time!

Key Features

  • Excellent DC multi – Process welding for general purpose stick, downhill pipe (Stick), TIG, Cored-wire, MIG  (100% CO2 and blended gas) and arc gouging with up to 4.8mm carbons.
  • Lincoln Electric Chopper Technology® provides easy starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead    appearance.
  • A Portable Powerhouse – delivers 7,200 continuous watts of 240V AC generator power. Enough power to run  lights, tools, or pumps and weld all at the same time.
  • Arc force control – provides a soft or more forceful digging arc a Built-in “hot” start for easier starts and    restrikes.
  • Touch-Start® DC TIG Lift tungsten to start the arc.
  • Digital meters – easy to precisely set your procedures.
  • Fully enclosed case – for equipment protection and low noise.
  • Built the Lincoln Way – Robust and reliable.

3 Year Warranty

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