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Optrel AG

Optrel AG settled in Wattwil, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of active eye protection products, which are first of all used in fields of applications like welding, grinding and health care focussing on safety, health and efficiency of its users.

The internationally working company was founded in 1986 and since that is known as a technology leader in the market of ADFs for welders, but also throughout other opto-electronical protection systems.

With its world-leading innovations optrel regularly raises this claim and offers customers and users enormous advantages world-wide.

The optrel inc. maintains North American operations in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.


optrel is focused on people’s needs. Our business is completely orientated to people’s requests and expectations. On the same time we serve from our customers and learn from them.


Our motivation is to improve the existing and to participate the progress with latest technologies. Together with our products we are selling satisfaction to the customer.


Our dynamic associates have active influence by an active and team orientated way to build the success of our company in common. Due to our open and frankly information policy, specific education and the leading with target agreement we create conditions which advances an autonomously and self dependent acting of our associates.


optrel knows: Strong partners make us even stronger. Hence we maintain our good relationships and partnerships. When establishing new technology standards we rely on forceful alliances. We complement our program with reasonable products from competent partners.

Optrel Means Quality

Using the swiss made sign optrel queues in the long tradition of swiss companies reaching for unequaled quality, highest performance and absolute safety by working on outrageous innovation and reliability.

Optimal and method adapted protection is the central factor when it comes to the safety and health of the welder:

Trust in highest swiss quality. Trust optrel.