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Optrel Panoramaxx


Maxximize Your Horizon

Optrel presents the most innovative and ergonomically optimal helmet to date, expanding the welder’s field of vision without compromising on comfort. The unique nose cut-out floats above the nose to position the auto-darkening display closer to the eyes. This enlarges the field of vision 6x compared to conventional welding masks, without adding extra weight.The panorama view – in combination with the 2.5 shade at light state and Optrel’s True Colour optics – opens an entirely new visual dimension to the welding experience. The panoramaxx features Optrel’s patented Autopilot function. Our unique 5-sensor array measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts to the correct shade level. The panoramaxx also marks the launch of optrel’s unique new power system. Featuring a lithium-polymer power pack in combination with high-performance solar cells and an external USB charging option, the panoramaxx is the energy-independent, maintenance-free choice for professional welders. The panoramaxx combines optrel’s groundbreaking innovations with an unprecedented panorama view – making it the most advanced welding helmet of its time.

Top Features

  • Optical Clarity 1/1/1/2
  • Up to 400% more visibility with its World Record shade 2.5 light state
  • 6.3x Increased Field of vision
  • Wide Detection Sensors
  • AutoPilot Shade Adjustment
  • True colour View
  • Twilight Function
  • Rechargable Power Pack
  • Ultra light at 550g!
  • Available as PAPR Respirator System
  • 2+1 Year Warranty



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