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Optrel Weldcap


The name says it all: the weldcap stands for an auto-darkening welder’s cap that combines the comfort of a casual cap with the advantages of a full welding helmet. The combination of plastics and textile is unique. It’s soft where it must be comfortable and robust where you need maximum protection. The comfortable and easy-to-change textile part is made from flame-retardant material. And it‘s hygienic: you can simply wash it. The Optrel weldcap has four adjustable dark shades: 9-12, a light shade of 3 and a grinding mode. Weighing only 400g the Weldcap is ideal for getting into tight spaces in comfort!

Key Features

  • Improved Wide Viewing Area Due to Nose Cut-Out up to 2.7x More VIEW!
  • Wide Detection Sensors
  • Soft textile flame retardant fabric and plastic shell
  • Battery replaceable
  • Ultra light at 400g!
  • 2 Year Warranty


Additional information