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Optrel Neo P550


New. Efficient. Optimal

The Optrel  P550 is one of the best-selling welding helmets from Optrel. With its new ADF technology it now gets even better. The Optrel Neo P550 combines the advantages of the proven P550 helmet shell with the newest ADF technology from Optrel. Experience true colour vision in a mid-price helmet. With a new efficient energy concept that keeps it action-ready for 3,000 Hours and a reaction time of only 0.1ms after striking an arc. Perfect protection and comfort for your eyes!

Top Features

  • Optical Clarity 1/1/1/2
  • Improved Viewing with True Colour View
  • 3 Detection Sensors
  • Shade Adjustable 9-13, light shade 4
  • Battery replaceable
  • Very light at 495g!
  • 2 Year Warranty

Additional information