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Novofil ER70S-6 MIG Wire 15kg


Novofil ER70S-6 is a 15kg 300mm Ø Spool of Premium European copper coated welding wire suitable for all positional Mig (GMAW) of Mild steel and low alloy steels. This wire has excellent arc characteristics with exceptionally low spatter. Suitable for all general fabrication. Can be used with Argon/C02 Mix gas or straight C02.

Common Applications

  • Automotive fabrication
  • Boats/Ship Building
  • Trucks & Trailer Industries
  • General Fabrication

Wire Approvals

  • TUV
  • DB
  • ABS
  • RINA
  • CWB
  • BV
  • GL
  • NAKS

Ordering Information

Wire Diameter (mm) Spool Size / Spool Weight Part Number
0.8 D300 15kg MW0815
0.9 D300 15kg MW0915
1.0 D300 15kg MW1015
1.2 D300 15kg MW1215


Additional information