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Novofil 316Lsi MIG Wire 15kg


NOVOFIL 316LSI is a 15kg 300mm Ø Spool of Premium European Stainless steel welding wire suitable for all positional Mig (GMAW) of low carbon Molybdenum Stainless steels. This wire has excellent arc stability with higher silicon content providing a more fluid weld pool and a smoother weld bead. Deposits are highly resistant to oxidisation and corrosion, especially pitting corrosion. Suitable for a wide range of 316 and 316L grade applications with service temperatures up to 400°C including manufacturing of stainless steel tubes, pipe plating, pressure vessels, shipbuilding and marine environments. Can be used with Argon/2-5%C02 Mix gas.

Wire Approvals

  • TUV
  • CE

Ordering Information

Wire Diameter (mm) Spool Size / Spool Weight Part Number
0.8 S-300 15kg MWSS3160815
0.9 S-300 15kg MWSS3160915
1.0 S-300 15kg MWSS3161015
1.2 S-300 15kg MWSS3161215

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