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Novofil 4043 MIG Wire 7kg


Novofil AL-4043 is a 7kg 300mm Ø Spool of premium European welding wire suitable for a wide range of Aluminium alloys. Manufactured with 5% silicon this wire has a lower melting point than 5xxx series and is commonly used for welding casting Alloys and preferred when welding 6xxx Base alloys due to being less prone to weld cracking. Metal recyclable spools, no more bins full of empty unrecyclable plastic spools taking up precious workshop space. To be used with 100% Argon gas.

Common Applications

  • Automotive Fabrication
  • Castings

Wire Approvals

  • CE
  • ABS

Ordering Information

Wire Diameter (mm) Spool Type Spool Weight (KG) Part Number
Spool Diameter (mm)
1.2 S-300 300 7 MWA40431207
1.6 S-300 300 7 MWA40431607

Additional information