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Novofil 309Lsi MIG Wire 15kg


NOVOFIL 309LSI is a 15kg 300mm Ø Spool of Premium European Stainless steel welding wire suitable for all positional Mig (GMAW) of Stainless steels. 309LSI deposits 24% Cr/13% Ni austenitic stainless steel weld metal with a nominal ferrite content of FN 10. The relatively high alloy and ferrite levels enable the weld metal to tolerate dilution from mild or low alloyed steels without hot cracking. This wire has excellent arc stability with higher silicon content providing a more fluid weld pool and a smoother weld bead. Suitable for 304 and 309 grade applications, commonly used for welding dissimilar metals e.g Stainless Steel to carbon Steel/Low Alloy Steel or as a buffer layer on mild steel and low alloy steels prior to overlaying with 308LSI or Hard facing. Can be used with Argon/2-5%C02 Mix gas.

Wire Approvals

  • TUV
  • CE

Ordering Information

Wire Diameter (mm) Spool Size / Spool Weight Part Number
0.9 S-300 15kg MWSS3090915
1.2 S-300 15kg MWSS3091215

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