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Kemppi MasterTig 235 ACDC


The New MasterTig – Far from the ordinary

The new master of AC and DC TIG welding, MasterTig sets new standards for weld quality, usability and power efficiency. Designed for professional user groups, MasterTig product family offers a choice of power variants in 230A, 300A models, featuring impressive size and weight specifications.

The modular design philosophy allows you to build the specification that best meets your needs, including alternative control panels, wireless remote controls and transport cart options. Stylish, practical and robust, MasterTig absorbs the knocks and impact of everyday welding life. Light in weight and compact in size, MasterTig is constructed from tough injection molded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures, establishing your reliable partner for workshop or site use.


  • 60 % FASTER SETUP  –  Weld Assist guides you towards the optimal setup. Tell the machine what you intend to weld, and it sets the right parameters for easy and productive welding.
  • 30 % INCREASED WELDING SPEED  –  Double Pulse function accelerates travel speed in DC applications and lowers heat input by 20%. Faster welding and lower materials distortion.
  • 20 % LOWER NOISE LEVELS  –  MasterTig reduces noise levels compared to leading competitors in ACDC welding applications, allowing you to quietly concentrate on quality.

Key Features

  • 3-230A @ 40% Duty Cycle, 1 Phase 230V
  • Weld Assist Auto Settings
  • TFT Full Colour Control Panel
  • 99 Memory Slots
  • Pulsed & Double Pulsed TIG Welding
  • TIG and MMA Processes E.g: DC-/DC+/AC/MIX TIG
  • Power Cost Efficient, Compact Dimensions
  • Watercooler Option for High Duty Applications
  • MicroTack for Fast, Low Heat Tack Welding
  • PFC Technology for Ultimate Energy Efficiency
  • Personalize Screensavers
  • PivotSafe Loading & Unloading Gas Cylinders
  • Kemppi 3 Year Warranty

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