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Lincoln EASYARC 6013


EASYARC 6013 – Is an all-position (excluding vertical down), rutile electrode for mild steel. It welds on AC or DC with excellent performance and is easy to re-strike. EASYARC 6013 can be used for the welding of mild steel. Especially suitable for sheet metal welding, tack welding and other types of welding which require a smooth and clean bead appearance.

Top Features
Easy slag release
Recommended for all positions except vertical down welding
Positional welding with similar current setting

Typical Applications
• Rutile all position mild steel electrode
• Ideal for thin plates and bridging wide gaps
Weldable on AC and DC

Welding Positions
All, except vertical down

Ordering Information

Electrode Size (mm) Packaging Part Number
KG per Packet Packets per Carton
2.5 4.5 3 WELEA60132545
3.2 5.0 3 WELEA60133205
4.0 5.0 3 WELEA60134005