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Ownership Gas Cylinder ALbee Acetylene with Gas – Small 0.8m³/ 6.5litre


Ownership Gas Cylinder Albee Acetylene with Gas – Small 0.8m³/ 6.5litre

Acetylene is a versatile fuel gas providing high levels of productivity.

A low flame moisture content makes this fuel gas a good choice for many critical heating processes.

Typical applications include welding, Oxy-acetylene cutting, flame heating, flame gouging, flame hardening, flame cleaning, flame straightening, thermal spraying, spot-heating, brazing, texturing, profile-cutting, branding wooden pallets, wood-ageing and carbon coating.

Refill Price: $119.00 GST incl

Brand: ALbee
Size: C Size
Gas Volume: 6.5 Litre (0.8m³)

Easy to buy
Simply pay and pick up your full ALbee™ cylinder from GasRep Services. As easy as that!

Easy to exchange
When empty, you just exchange it for a new cylinder and only pay for the refill.

Easy to use

  • No need to worry about a regulator, it is all included in the cylinder
  • The content gauge ensures that you always know what is left in your cylinder
  • Transporting ALbee™ is easy thanks to its lightweight and easy handling
  • ALbee™ is a ready-to-use product.
  • Save you time and money
  • No more hassle and expense of rental gas cylinders
  • The easy on / off lever avoids long cut-off times with the standard turning valve wheel
  • No more external regulators to buy
  • No more repetitive connection and disconnection of regulators for car transportation
  • No more leaks, no more wasted gas

Be safe

  • Clear on/off positions
  • Shock absorbing guard to protect the built in regulator
  • Maintenance ensured by Air Liquide

Please note: We cannot freight these cylinders on any courier or transport services, these must be collected from our branch in Christchurch.

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