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Lincoln NR233 Innershield 11.34kg


Lincoln Mig Wire Innershield NR-233 uses advanced micro flux® technology to deliver outstanding mechanical properties and welding performance. This wire is easy to use and has high deposition rates making it a ‘win-win’ wire for many applications. Self-releasing slag and attractive weld appearance. Innershield® NR-233 can be used on carbon steel and some low alloy steels.


  • ABS Grade 3 YSA Certified wire
  • Enhanced Feedability – New design increases wire stiffness to aid feedability and promotes smooth arc transfer
  • Wire Snap-Off – Easy to break off wire end without tools for better re-strike
  • Meets AWS D1.8 requirements for Demand Critical Welds – Three lot tests available at to meet AWS D1.8 lot waiver requirements
  • Effortless Operability – Welders of all skill levels benefit from the easy to control arc and forgiving weld puddle even out of position

Typical Applications

  • Seismic structural steel erection and fabrication
  • General structural steel erection and fabrication
  • Ship and barge fabrication
  • Vertical up and overhead fillets and groove welds

Welding Positions

Ordering Information

Wire Diameter (mm) Spool Size Packaging Part Number
Spool Weight (KG)
1.6 D300 11.34 Vacuum Packed MWFCGLNR2331611.34

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