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CoreFab Gasless E71T-11 1kg


Selfshield11 is a general purpose self-shielded or “gasless” wire that is suitable for single and multi-pass welding in all positions. A smooth soft arc provides great stability on a variety of base metals including galvanised steels. This all position wire has high operator appeal with low spatter levels, smooth arc transfer and easy slag removal. Perfect for on-site applications such as the welding of equipment parts, galvanized steels, tanks, gates, frames, sheds, prefab construction, light structures and general fabrication etc. Operates on (DCEN) electrode negative (-).

Ordering Information

Wire Diameter (mm) Spool Type Spool Weight (KG) Part Number
Spool Diameter (mm)
0.8 D100 200 1 MWFCGCF110801