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Lincoln Miniflex Portable Fume Extraction


Fumes Don’t Stand A Chance

The Miniflex® is a light weight, high vacuum portable fume extraction system designed to filter particulate and remove welding fumes. Intended for light duty welding applications, the quiet operation and portability of the Miniflex make this system an ideal solution for confined and hard to reach spaces.

  • Create a safer work environment for welders/shop employees
  • Effectively remove weld fume particulate with large surface area coverage and 99.7% filter unit efficiency
  • Light weight, durable construction and portable design
  • Compact size for use anywhere you go

 Key Features

  • Current Sensor – Automatic start/stop capability by sensing welding current
  • Multiple Extraction Settings – Select extraction CFM setting based on environmental
    conditions: 95 CFM (Low) or 108 CFM (High)
  • Quiet Operation – Operates at a sound level of <80dB(A)
  • Carbon Brush System – Monitors and alerts brush consumption based on 750 run hours
  • System Airflow Check – Easily observe extraction performance


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