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Lincoln MobiFlex Portable Fume Extraction


Mobile Welding Fume Extractors with Filtration

The Mobiflex® 200-M and 400-MS are low vacuum systems for welding fume extraction and filtration. Their size and mobility make them ideal for smaller manufacturing facilities that require light to medium duty welding fume extraction (1) in variable locations.

Mobiflex® 200-M Filter System

The LongLife filter in the Mobiflex® 200-M has a surface area of 538 ft2 (50 m2), making it one of the largest disposable filter cartridges in its class. The combination of filter size and unique 3D-pleated structure results in higher filter efficiency, longer filter life, and lower operational costs. A filter status indicator located on the front of the Mobiflex® 200-M gradually moves from white to red as the filter becomes saturated with particulate, providing visual indication of when system maintenance and filter replacement is necessary. A washable aluminium pre-filter removes larger-sized particulate and provides spark entrapment.

Mobiflex® 400-MS Filter System

The LongLife filter in the Mobiflex® 400-MS has a surface area of 325 ft2 (30 m2). The combination of filter size and wedge-shaped filter pattern results in higher filter efficiency, longer filter life, and lower operational costs. Unique to the Mobiflex® 400-MS is an electronic pressure differential system for filter cleaning. The system measures static air pressure as it enters and exits the filter cartridge and if the air pressure entering the filter unit is greater than the air pressure exiting the filter unit by a set amount, the electronic circuit activates the filter cartridge cleaning system. The RotaPulse® filter cleaning system uses compressed air released through multiple air jets to clean a section of the filter at each air burst. A complete cleaning cycle can also be activated by depressing a manual switch on the front of the control panel. Particulate blown off the filter cartridge settles into a plastic collection bin. When cleaning the filter cartridge is no longer effective, the electronic circuit will indicate a full filter cartridge by blinking the light on the front control panel.

Key Features

  • Generous airflow – 1250m3/h with LFA 3.1/4.1 extraction arm
  • Front casters and rear wheels – provide mobility.
  • Low noise operation – 69 dBA.
  • Internal spark arrestor – also functions as a pre-filter for larger-sized particulate.
  • Choice of filter types – cellulose or high efficiency cellulose/polyester.
  • Optimal motion and reach for work area – choose from a variety of extraction arm models or select a hose/ hood set.
  • One-year warranty (30 day warranty on filter) 200-M Model
  • Filter status indicator – visual guide to remaining filter life.
  • Large filter capacity – 50 m2 400-MS Model
  • RotaPulse® automatic cleaning system – simplifies filter maintenance.
  • Large filter capacity – 30 m2


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