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Euroboor ECO.40S Magnetic Drill

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Euroboor ECO.40S Magnetic Drill

Magnetic drilling machine Ø 7/16″ – 1 9/16″ / 11.2kg

The Euroboor ECO.40S magnetic core drilling machine is the lightest 40 mm drilling machine in the market, fitting cutters up to 110 mm (4 5/16″) in length. Our portable ECO.40S magnetic core drilling machine has a powerful 1150 W (10.5 A) high efficiency motor, with less heat generation and thus a longer lifespan. This drilling machine’s oil lubricated one-speed gearbox ensures optimal motor efficiency and lifetime of key components.

Key Features

  •  Lightest 40 mm magnetic drilling machine
  •  Fits cutters up to 110 mm DoC
  •  High efficiency motor with less heath generation
  •  High accuracy capstan hub
  •  Direct spindle drive
  •  Integrated tool cooling and lubrication
  •  Strong dual coil CNC machined magnet

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