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Euroboor ECO.55TA Magnetic Drill

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Euroboor ECO.55-TA

Magnetic Drill  Ø 7/16″ – 2 3/16″ / 15.8kg

The Euroboor ECO.55-TA is our magnetic core drilling machine which will actually drill holes in metal with the highest efficiency for you. This portable magnetic core drilling machine benefits from an automatic drilling functionality with automatic return for annular cutters. The ECO.55-TA drilling machine is also suitable for tapping up to 13/16″. The machine’s digital display shows the ideal working load and the Smart Restart Technology prevents excessive tool wear and failure.

Key Features

  • Full automatic drilling
  • High precision slide & rail construction
  • Integrated oil bath gearbox
  • Morse Taper 3 spindle
  • External access to carbon brushes
  • Digital read – out
  • Intelligent electronics combine maximum drilling speed with increased cutter lifetime

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