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Chemtools™ ZPH Red Oxide Metal Primer


GalMax™ ZPH Red Oxide Metal Primer

GalMax™ ZPH (Zinc Phosphate) Red Oxide Metal Primer is a high quality oil-based rust-resistant primer, ideal
for use on non-galvanised, ferrous metal, such as iron and steel. The corrosive-resistant red oxide pigments protect surfaces from exposure to chemical fumes and extreme environmental conditions, such as excessive heat, humidity, rain, and wind.

ZPH is quick drying, and designed to provide a tough, durable, and smooth base coat that can be used directly over rusty surfaces. It is ideal for interior and exterior use and can be over-coated with most conventional top coats. Common applications include farm equipment, fences, structural steel, pipes, field machinery, and storage tanks.

Features & Benefits:

• Rust resistant
• Does not chip away
• Special anti-corrosive formulation guards against rust

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