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Chemtools® Galmax Silver Galv


CT-SG Galmax™ Silver Galvanising Paint

Chemtools Galmax™ Silver Gal paint is quick dry zinc loaded metallic paint which has a similar silver sheen colour to galvanized steel. 3-in-1 formula protects, matches and seals. It provides active protection against corrosion for all metallic surfaces. Unique blend of 99% purity zinc dust in an epoxy resin formulation. Silver Gal can be used extensively in the maintenance and restoration of damaged or worn galvanized metal and for anti-corrosion protection of steel/ iron structures or equipment.

Features & Benefits:

• Excellent weathering characteristics
• Corrosion protection against weathering and moisture
• Excellent adhesion to most metals
• Can be used as a primer


Interior/exterior, radiators, roads and bridges, refineries, fences, siding, metal roofs, insulation, piping, storage tank exteriors, industrial mufflers, offshore Rigs, rust proofing welds/metal fabrication.

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