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Chemtools® Galmax Black Galv


GalMax™ NPR Black Galvanising Paint

GalMax™ NPR Black Galvanising Paint provides direct to metal corrosion protection, with or without primer, and dries to a smooth and durable rust fighting finish. It can be used extensively in the maintenance and restoration of damaged or worn galvanised metal, and for corrosion protection of steel/iron structures or equipment.

GalMax™ NPR offers excellent adhesion to most metals, and can be used on concrete and ceramics, as well as other interior and exterior surfaces. Common applications include radiators and industrial mufflers, roads and bridges, fences and pipes, metal roofs, and offshore rigs.

Note: For long-term and added protection on fresh welds or in coastal environments, priming the surface with Chemtools® range of GalMax™ Cold Galvanising Paints or Zinc Oxide Primers is recommended prior to application.

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