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RepTec 31 Cast Iron


REPTEC Cast 31 – is an Electrode for welding cast iron in all positions with minimal pre-heating. High nickel content with hard weld deposits of 180HB giving small amounts of slag. Mainly used for repair welding of cracked cast iron parts or joining components made of Steel, Copper or Nickel materials to castings. For best welding results use direct current negative.

Top Features
• Electrode for repair welding of cast iron, malleable cast iron and cast iron to steel
• The nickel-iron weld deposit is easily machineable
• Particularly applicable for nodular cast iron
• Hardness weld deposit ~ 180 HB
• Excellent current carrying capacity due to bi-metal core wire
• Welding on AC and DC- polarity
• Best choice welding DC –

Typical Applications
• Repair welding of cast iron
• Good peen- and machinable seams e.g. for thick joints. (Ni-Fe type)
• Bi-metal core wire

Welding Positions