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Euroboor ECO.40/2 Magnetic Drill

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Euroboor ECO.40/2 Magnetic Drill

Magnetic drilling machine Ø 7/16″ – 1 9/16″ / 12kg

Our compact Euroboor ECO.40/2 is the perfect magnetic core drilling machine for twist drills up to 1/2″ (13 mm). This magnetic core drilling machine has a powerful 9.5 A (1050 W) motor that can be mechanically adjusted to two rotational speeds, integrated slide and two-speed gearbox. The ECO.40/2 also benefits from integrated tool cooling and lubrication to make your drilling process more efficient. With a great touch of over capacity, working is even more fun. This makes it the perfect machine for drilling with annular cutters (low gear) as well as cutting with twist drills (high gear).

Key Features

  •  Particularly suitable for twist drilling
  •  Detachable spindle drive
  •  Integrated tool cooling and lubrication
  •  Strong dual coil CNC machined magnet
  •  Magnet LED Indicator
  • Integrated slide and one-speed gearbox for: High accuracy
  • Enlarged lifecycle
  • Minimal vibration
  • High precision height adjustment for: Low maintenance
  • Minimal wear correction

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