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Chemtools™ Galmax 93 Cold Galvanising Paint


GalMax™ 93 Cold Galvanising Paint & Weld Through Primer

GalMax™ 93 Cold Galvanising Paint is a weld through zinc-rich coating containing 93% zinc in dry film which protects clean steel in the same manner as hot dip galvanising, ie, by cathodic reaction. GalMax™ 93 passes the tough ASTM B117-07, 168 hour salt spray test with no defects. It gives exceptional long term protection against rust and corrosion, and weathers to the same colour as normal galvanising.

With 99% zinc purity, GalMax™ 93 is ideally suited for touch-up welds and damaged structures or components.

Features & Benefits:

• High performance
• Highly resistant to salt corrosion and water
• Long lasting protection against corrosion
• Dry to touch in 15-30 minutes and dry to handle in 1 hour
• Matt grey
• Exceeds Australian standards

Applications and uses include:

  • Marine and offshore rigs
  • Construction
  • Metal fabrication
  • Rust proofing welds
  • Cooling towers
  • Roads and bridges
  • Hot-dip gal repairs
  • Fencing and piping
  • Structural steel
  • Galvanized surfaces

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