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5KG Ownership C02 Bottle


Why Pay rental when you can own it!

These ownership cylinders hold 5kg’s of C02, which is approximately 5-6 hours of constant MIG welding based on a flow rate of 8-10L/minute.

Re-fill costs are much lower than rental bottles at approximately $55.00+ GST, with most New Zealand towns and Cities having outlets to re-fill these bottles.

C02 is suitable for all types of MIG Welding, whether it be thin panel steels through to heavy fabrication. C02 provides a narrower weld bead yet deeper penetration compared to an argon/mix gas. C02 works well on rusty, dirty or older materials.

Key Features

  • No more rental costs
  • 5Kg C02 Gas, 4-5 Hours weld time
  • Re-fill costs $35.00+ GST approx.
  • Small Portable ‘D’ size cylinder
  • Can be filled in most areas in NZ
  • Industry standard bottle connection