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Welding Helmet 4 Sensor


NZWS Welding Helmet 4 Sensor helmet is packed full of features for an affordable price! Made from a high impact resistant plastic polyamide material combined with large viewing area of 98 x 62mm and battery replaceable ADF what more could you want. The helmet features adjustable dark shades of 5-8 & 9-13, light shade of 4 and a grinding mode, infinite sensitivity and delay adjustments and an adjustable head harness for welders comfort.

Suitable for MIG, TIG, ARC, PLASMA & GRINDING (TIG Down to 30Amps)

Key Features

  • Black Colour
  • Large Viewing area 98mm x 62mm
  • Solar & Lithium battery powered.
  • 4 Independent Sensors
  • Light State DIN 4
  • Variable shade DIN5-8 or DIN9-13
  • Replaecable battery
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Switching time Less Than 0.0001s
  • UV/IR Protection: >DIN15
  • Delay adjustment
  • Shade adjustment
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Grinding Switch mode
  • High impact resistant plastic material polyamide (nylon)
  • Includes spare lens (extras available)
  • 2 Year Warranty
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