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Lincoln Precision TIG 375



When it’s time for thicker materials and heavier jobs, choose the Precision TIG® 375, which provides for the highest duty cycle in its class. The Precision TIG 375 also features a built-in TIG pulser that can be activated to help control heat input in the weld and reduce distortion and burn-through on thin materials.

Simplicity through technology – AC Auto Balance® automatically provides for the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration for welding on Aluminium. When welding thicker material requiring increased penetration, or when requiring increased cleaning action to break through heavy oxide layers, bypass AC Auto Balance and adjust manually for full control.

Advanced Pulse Control panel (Standard on the Precision TIG 375) – Enable the TIG pulser to minimize material distortion from excessive heat input. The TIG pulser can also help moderate filler metal deposition for consistent bead appearance.

Wide output range – Tackle either end of the material thickness spectrum with an amperage range of 2 to 420 amps

Side-mounted torch holder and connections – Enables simple cable management and protection, and a place for your torch when not in use.

Key Features

  • 375A @ 40% Duty Cycle
  • Tackle either end of the material thickness spectrum with the widest operating range in its class from 2 to 420 amps
  • AC Auto-Balance® automatically adjusts for the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration when welding aluminium or, take full control – adjust the AC Auto Balance® to increase or decrease cleaning action or penetration on aluminium.
  • Standard pulse functions enable better control over heat input, resulting in less warping and distortion on thin metals
  • 3 Year Warranty


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