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Mitech NBM280 Pulse MIG Welder


Mitech’s NBM280 Double Pulse compact MIG is a 3 phase machine offering 4 welding modes MMA, MIG, Pulse MIG and double Pulse MIG. User friendly synergic modes available in MIG and Pulsed MIG modes. Welding programmes available in 0.8, 1.0 & 1.2mm wires in Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys & Aluminium. Synergic adjustment of voltage and wire speed providing easy setting of paramters for the operator.

NBM280 Pulse has a wide range of adjustments, including inductance offering finer adjustment of the arc characteristics, starting currents, and crater current adjustments giving the operator the control for perfectly finished welds. Double Pulse frequency and time adjustment, pre-gas, post gas, burn back, 2 step and 4 step trigger operations. MMA function for stick welding as well as an Arc force adjustment for a more refined stable arc. Euro torch connection allows easy connection and removal of the torch. Thermal and voltage overload protection. Low noise fans for quiet and smooth operation. The NBM280 is suitable for various applications including Boat Building, General Engineering, Heavy Industrial, Repair and Maintenance Work.

Key Features

• Latest IGBT Inverter Technology
• 3 Phase 380V +/- 15%
• Output Current MIG  10-280A
• Output Current MMA  10-280A
• Wire Diameters  0.8-1.2mm
• Pre Gas Adjustment  0-3sec
• Post Gas Adjustment  0-20sec
• Burn Back Adjustment
• Pulse frequency & width Adjustments
• Start Current / Voltages
• Crater Current / Voltages
• 4 Roll Drive Feeder
• 60% Duty Cycle
• Only 34KG
• Euro Connection Torch
• 5Kg – 15Kg Wire Spools
• Dimensions 622 x 280 x 450

2 Year Warranty* With Product Registration

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