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Kemppi TTC220 TIG Torch


Kemppi TTC220 200Amp Torch

Kemppi TIG torches are made for real craftsmen who deserve the best tools. The TTC range is designed for use with specific Kemppi TIG machines and available in both gas- and water-cooled models. TTC torches support RTC10 and RTC20 remote control units that replace the standard on/off switch with a convenient and precise remote current regulator for easy ignition and power control at distance. Manufactured using the best materials, you can trust Kemppi TIG torches to perform, allowing you to concentrate on completing those beautiful looking TIG welds.

Torch Suits Kemppi
Minarc TIG Evo
Mastertig MLS
Mastertig MLS ACDC


  • 220A DC @ 40% Duty Cycle
  • 170A AC @ 40% Duty Cycle
  • HF On/Off Switch
  • Super Flexible Power Cable
  • Kemppi Connection
  • Durable Rubber TIG Sock
  • Gas Cooled or Water-cooled
  • Available with Kemppi Swivel neck or Standard neck
  • Suits Tungsten’s 0.5mm-4.0mm
  • Available in 4m, 8m, 16m Lengths

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