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Kemppi FastMig M


FastMig M is a modular welding equipment range containing three power sources and three wire feeder options. There are two FastMig M sales packages available with either air or liquid cooling options:

Regular Package

  • Regular set-up for strong and reliable industrial welding for an affordable price
  • Equipped with the MR control panel
  • Easy traditional two-knob regulation

Synergic Package

  • Synergic set-up for demanding industrial applications
  • Equipped with the MS control panel
  • Clear visual presentation of the welding parameters and programs, one knob control of welding power, easy setup and selection of memory channels

Key Features

  • Modular Design
  • Two Package Options: Regular and Synergic
  • Multi-Voltage Power Source Model Available
  • All Wise™ Welding Optimisation Products
  • MasterTig LT 250 and ArcFeed Connection in Power Source with the Optional AS Kit
  • SuperSnake Sub Feeder for Extended Reach
  • MagTrac F 61 Welding Carriage for Improved Productivity
  • Kemppi 3 Year Warranty

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